Naraune Hibiki
"Pervert nerd"

Full Name

Naraune Hibiki





Western name

Hibiki Naraune


"Dork", "Hibiki", "Hibikini"


Xí yīn Shēngyīn




168 cm


58 kg


December 31, 1991(Originally September 23); 18 years old(2009), 19 years old(2010), 20 years old(2011)



Design as in quirky looking guy. Depending how much it going to look on him.


Likes causing trouble to others especially to Ryo Hiirone as he is a rival to him but instead get bullied by Ryo. Very friendly to Kyo Katsune since two of them were buddies. He also a friend of Mao Kanon, which both of them came out in the same day and he got close with her. But doesn't like to hang out with other UTAUloids except Kyo Katsune since he always aiming(abuser) for him. Plus, he is branded a pervert (hentai) by Wakana and Mao even he is implying that he isn't one. He is planning to be a teacher in his future career.


He is the only pervert from ReVoiceLoids group. He has his own place to live in which it near the neighbourhood. He live in a big house and have many rooms in the house which it seem to be invaded by Ayane Wakana, the person he met on his way home which she sleeping on his way. He is having his tough day and meeting her causing his life more trouble than ever. Eventually, everything change. He getting catch up to his practice and having Wakana with him also made up his mind to let her stay with him. A while later, he met more people that stay in his house. Hiirone Ryo is one of his rival while Katsune Kyo is his second rival. Also some points that their creators are cousins, they are officially consider themselves as cousins as well.

Hibiki is later meet with Ayane after Ryo and Mao, due to Ayane traveling in one place in some times.

Place Edit

He is currently living around Tokyo. His house was belong to his human friend(possible his master) and he is the keeper of the apartment.

Related characters Edit


Others charactersEdit

  • Ayane Wakana (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Hiirone Ryo (Cousin; Junior; Bandmate)
  • Inaine Zankyou (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Kanon Mao (Friend; mother-daughter relation)
  • Kanseine Abel (Officer friend)
  • Kaine Soru (Compatriot)
  • Midorine Sui (Compartriot)
  • Enbukyoku Aline (Girlfriend)

Voice bank download Edit

Can be get in the blog: RVLoid's blog

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