Kanseine Abel
"Ex-cop who cheerly creep"

Full Name

Kanseine Abel





Western name

Abel Kanseine



Signature item

Double gun, almost similar to Noel Vermillion held




173 cm


63 kg


February 2nd; 19 years old(2010), 20 years old(2011)

Kanseine's info Edit


Abel first design was a marching parade type of outfit, which it was from a group of marching parade from the other school. The design is taken by Hazeruko and later is redesign it again to make it better. The colour scheme was made by AYA.

Later, her updated look are mainly as a normal-type girl.


Even though she like to cheer up but her appearance especially her eye-patch doesn't fit on her. She also being thought by everyone as a "Cold cheer" as she used to be upset and being cold to every one when she is cheering. Her left eyes are cause by Diplopia as she used to seen one image into double. To avoid any vision caused by it, she covered it up with her eye-patch. If her eye patch is taken off, her eyes shown the model of "RVL05". She may also confused with any people she met and she usually lost while she is taking a walk to the city or any place. Abel can be active in any sports and always be in the number one spot. Despite her look, she still can be more hyper than moody.

Originally, she is the ex-cops but she withdraw herself to get a better life after the horrible incident.


Abel, who used to be an android cops who only do her traffic work most of the time. But one day, she got herself hit over by a car and taking a lot of time to get repaired. She losing her own good sight to see(caused by Diplopia) and keep mistook to the person she talked to. She hardly ever do her work anymore while her collegue, Adel, who is later cheers her up and gives out an eye-patch for her. She was first not happy with it until Adel also telling her that he will have his own eye-patch on, even he isn't that blind, just to make sure Abel feels better afterwards. She gladly put it on and freshly cheers herself up, only that she still not doing her job anymore.

Another day for Abel, she takes a leave from her department and walk through the street. Noticing someone is at the street side who is singing by herself. Later, to be confront herself with the person. She getting interest into the person's singing and asking who she is. The person introduced herself as Ayane Wakana. Abel, get herself more dependable to the main thing, is to sing.

Related characters Edit


  • Kanzeine Adel ( 関税音アデル ) (Collegue, still a cop; male manipulation by pitch)

Others charactersEdit

  • Ayane Wakana ( 綾音和奏 ) (Friend)
  • Hiirone Ryo( 緋色音侶 ) (Friend)
  • Naraune Hibiki( 習う音響き ) (Friend)
  • Inaine Zankyou( 以内音ザンキョウ ) (Friend)
  • Kanon Mao( 花音真緒 ) (Companion)
  • Kaine Soru( 解音ソールー ) (Compatriot)
  • Midorine Sui( 翠音スイ ) (Compartriot)

Voice bank download Edit

Can be get in the blog: RVLoid's blog

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