Kanon Maotoko
"A man of flower"

Full Name

Kanon Maotoko





Western name

Maotoko Kanon


"Maotoko", "Maoto"

Signature item





5'5" feet (165 cm)




UNKNOWN; possible 21

A prestige Garçon butler.

Informations Edit


Unknown still it in WIP process. Possible not in pink theme one.

Personality Edit

Unlike Mao, he don't even like pink at all but instead as in respect of his friend where he does say he likes pink. He can remember everything he saw in first look and later telling what he remembers everything. He hates awkward event so he usually avoids everything so he won't get embarassed by it. He blush easily.

As in opposite of Mao, he likes to draw yuri art and usually tries to pick up on anyone to wear girl clothes.


He and Mao are friends after both of them created(as in non-singer). They were created by the same master, who also created others as well for their master's Hanamori Cafe. He, who is despite older than Mao, he having difficulties to make himself as a proper butler because when Mao is around and he only taking care of her instead of customer. Even he don't do much as a better butler, he still cares for Mao no matter what she is doing.

After knowing Mao's goal is to be a singer than a maid, he respect her will(possible gags when Mao usually breaks everything around her and not allowed her to do any work). But soon to be a partner for Mao as in pitch form of Mao's voice.

Related characters Edit


  • Kanon Mao( 花音真緒 ) (Ex-maid; friends)

Others charactersEdit

  • Alice (Somehow a friend, or a lover)

Voice bank download Edit

His voice can be get around g+20 to g+25.

Can be get in the blog: RVLoid's blog

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