Kanon Mao
"True life of flower"

Full Name

Kanon Mao





Western name

Mao Kanon


"Mao" ; "Maomao"

Signature item

Sakura flower




5'3" feet (163 cm)


Unknown (She hates it when people asks for it)


December 31, 1989; 20 years old(2009), 21 years old(2010), 22 years old(22)


Considerate her colour theme is pink and her liking over Sakura, she was created with sort of themes.


Even though she is 20, she still acts like a kid. She likes that all her stuff is pink because the others are not comfortable looking at it. She has problems with her own Dissociative disorder in which sometimes she has disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception. She can be lonely at times, but eventually she can talk with her colleague, Hibiki Naraune. She also like to dress up any guy in feminine clothes or drawing any pictures with yaoi too. She as much from her job, may cause lead to her clumsyness.

It could be hard to guess her next move if she ever did something to people around her.


She was created specially before New Year appears.

Her background are actually an android maid that works around in one cafe called Hanamori Cafe/ Flower Forest Cafe(花森茶店) . She usually works things where she wanted to do but always lead a failure in her(breaking teacups is her specialty). On the early morning, she spotted on the Vocaloid show on the tv where they are performing on the stage and later she saw Megurine Luka, thus making Luka as her only idol. Mao surprisingly wanted to be a singer but with one trouble. She thinks that her life as a maid doesn't cooperated her goals, as a singer but also can't sing as well. However, her goal are hardly to achieve where she are practically a full-time maid android and her master is a manager there. Mao's manager understand Mao's goal but it would be hard that Mao doesn't do any good singing at the moment. Day by day, her goal still far to reach and she could think how much failure she could get when she can't sing.

One day as she usually hangs out at the back of the cafe, she met her only hope to reach her goal. It was Ayane Wakana, who actually just randomly walk through there while humming some song she had in mind. Later, Mao jumps over Ayane and begging her to teach her on how to sing. First, Ayane wasn't sure what to say until she gives up because Mao never leaves her later. Mao, finally got Ayane to teach her willingly but in one condition, bakes some cake for her.

Mao agrees and doubly she telling her master about it, where her master pleased to see Mao is happy and let her study while working.

Mao is actually the second person to meet with Ayane along the way after Ryo and to be continued to Hibiki.

Relatives Edit


  • Kanon Maotoko ( 花音マオトコ ) (Butler; older friends)

Related charactersEdit

  • Ayane Wakana( 綾音和奏 ) (Friend;more than sister like)
  • Hiirone Ryo( 緋色音侶 ) (Junior)
  • Naraune Hibiki( 習う音響き ) (Friend)
  • Inaine Zankyou( 以内音ザンキョウ ) (Friend)
  • Kanseine Abel( 歓声音アベル ) (Compartriot)
  • Kaine Soru( 解音ソールー ) (Compatriot)
  • Midorine Sui( 翠音スイ ) (Compartriot)
  • Megurine Luka( 巡音ルカ ) (Admirer)
  • Camila Melodia( カミラ.メロディア ) (Friend)
  • Urooboene Hahenko( うろ覚え音はへん子 ) (Close Friend/Advice Giver)

Voicebank Download Edit

Can be get in the blog.

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