Hiirone Ryo
"Red as scarlet."

Full Name

Hiirone Ryo





Western name

Ryo Hiirone



Signature item

Red notebook




5'2" feet (158 cm)


112 lbs (51 kg)


January 23rd; 14 years old(2009), 15 years old(2010), 16 years old(2011)

Hiirone's Info Edit


His theme colour is scarlet(or red). Created by HAZERU by herself. His design are basically a normal type android and simple looking one.


He's a cute kid but can be easily annoyed. He doesn't like to be bothered by any adults, Wakana Ayane being the only exception, as she is his idol. He likes to do chores for her and as a consequence, occasionally gets bullied by Hibiki Naraune, his rival who also his cousin. He likes to accompany people, and also acts like a shota-like tsundere: He has a problem with Hibiki's daily routine with Wakana because she attends to him too. He often involves himself in rivalries for no reason. Despite from the way Ryo is acting, he may be always being a boring and slumber due to his lethargy type and doesn't do much work for his efforts. He doesn't even have any moods to do anything else but way too actives when he sing. Ryo is actually very delinquents.


Ryo's lived as an orphan after he was created, abandoned by his creator and forced to live alone in the world for 5 years. Despite being young on his own, he managed to live by himself without anyone's help since then. One day, he collapsed and couldn't move because his parts refused to work. He thought the world gave up and would leave him like that. Not long after, someone picked him up and brought him to a comfortable house. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was in a room lying on a nice bed. At the time, Ryo was still confused about his situation, so he left and met two people in the living room. They were Wakana Ayane and Naraune Hibiki, the people who saved him from dying outside. As a token of his gratitude, he wanted to be Wakana's junior and at the same time, Hibiki's rival. Also some points that their creators are cousins, they are officially consider themselves as cousins as well.

Ryo is the second person who met Ayane, before Mao and Hibiki does. But he later went off to somewhere before meets up again with his senior.

Related characters Edit


  • Hiirone Rio ( 緋色音リオ) (Parallel-side or feminine-side; female manipulation by pitch)

Others charactersEdit

  • Ayane Wakana( 綾音和奏 ) (Cousin; Senior; Bandmate)
  • Naraune Hibiki( 習う音響き ) (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Inaine Zankyou( 以内音ザンキョウ ) (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Kanon Mao( 花音真緒 ) (A mother to him)
  • Kanseine Abel( 歓声音アベル ) (Officer friend)
  • Kaine Soru( 解音ソールー ) (Compatriot)
  • Midorine Sui( 翠音スイ ) (Compartriot)

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