Ayane Wakana
"Axe Lady"

Full Name

Ayane Wakana





Western name

Wakana Ayane


"Ayane"; "Aya"

Signature item

Large axe, Axecalibur




5'3" feet (160 cm)


116 lbs (53 kg)


April 3rd; 17 years old(2009), 18 years old(2010), 19 years old(2011)

Ayane Wakana, "Wakana", is the first ReVoiceLoids-0A.

Informations Edit


Her first design was very rough. Her appearance wasn't seen as before and was redone many times since she has been created. Her design may be varies to get updated once in a while but the trait of her style will never be changed.

Personality Edit

Ayane is practically bad-tempered but she still can control herself after a while. She likes to sing in harmonic voice but can be some glitchy when she doesn't sing properly. She also can be confused by her gender since everyone thought she was a male. She doesn't like to be called 'Wakana' and prefers to be called 'Ayane'. She very indifferent to others; especially about her appearance even though she never say she was a girl at anyone unless she stated it. She hates centipedes due to unknown reason. May be consider as kuudere after being yandere. Also some points that their creators are cousins, they are officially consider themselves as cousins as well.

Corresponding to every related UTAUloids nor Vocaloids, she may be act differently towards them.


The first UTAUloid that have been created AYA during the time od 2008 as the only fandmade Vocaloid but later in 2009, changes the fates from being fandmade into UTAUloids. Still be around for her more songs to cover.

Related characters Edit



  • Azune Wakano ( アズ音 若乃) (Half-brother; male manipulation of pitch)
  • Ayune Wakako ( 歩音和歌子) (Half-sister; female manipulation of pitch)
  • Tayune Wagamama ( たゆ音我儘 ) (Collegue; male manipulation of pitch)
  • Anti-Ayane/Yuine FAKE( 抗-アヤネ/遺音フェイク ) (Virus/stalker; UNDEFINED)
  • Achune Wakana( アチュネ和奏 ) (Hachune Miku version; UNDEFINED)

Others charactersEdit

  • Hiirone Ryo( 緋色音侶 ) (Cousin; Junior; Bandmate)
  • Naraune Hibiki( 習う音響き ) (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Inaine Zankyou( 以内音ザンキョウ ) (Cousin; Bandmate)
  • Kanon Mao( 花音真緒 ) (Friend; mother-daughter relation)
  • Kanseine Abel( 歓声音アベル ) (Officer friend)
  • Kaine Soru( 解音ソールー ) (Compatriot)
  • Midorine Sui( 翠音スイ ) (Compartriot)
  • Deon(ディオン) (Student)
  • Mugen( 夢幻 ) (UNDEFINED)
  • Utaune Nami( 歌う音ナミ ) (Sister; not by blood)

Voice bank download Edit

Can be get in the blog: RVLoid's blog

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